Black Friday Means Big Green For Local Stores

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Shoppers got an early start on the day to join the lines and crowds, racing through the mall, hunting for that perfect buy. So what did they find?

"Everything. The hot buys that I didn't need," laughed, shopper, Beverly Bennett.

While hundreds and thousands of dollars were shelled out. Most shoppers say the amount saved, is something to brag about.

"I probably saved two or four hundred dollars today, mostly everything was on sale," says Bennett.

While all of the shoppers are out snatching up all the bargains they can find, what about all of the workers that have to prepare and repair the stores?

"We've been preparing for the past few months. Getting the stock room ready for all of the stuff," says Saundra Conner, Target Executive.

To get all of this done, these workers have been putting in a lot of over time.

"The whole crew is working in the store today, everyone in the store is working 12 hours today," says Bert Wheeler, Mall Employee.

As all of the shoppers leave with their treasures, they also leave behind a big mess.

Wheeler says, " Some hats are here, some are there. So we have to go to each individual rack and put them where they need to be."

Although both the shoppers and workers got through one of the busiest days, many say this is just the beginning.