On-line or In-store? Where are the best deals?

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Thousands of people raced around town on Black Friday, grabbing up all of the holiday sales, but all of the hustle and bustle may not be necessary in order to get a great deal.

Long lines fill the stores, parking lots are jam packed, and thousands are rushing around for sales. The holiday season is here, but do you really need to wake up at 5 a.m. and shop all day to get the hot deals?

R.E.I. associate, Candy Tobin says, "Anything on sale in the store is also on sale on-line."

"When you see an early bird sale in the store, we also have an early bird sale going on on-line," adds Kohl's Manager, Roy Norman.

Norman says that sometimes Internet discounts are actually better than in–store specials.

So instead of filling your shopping cart and hands full of bags, in one simple click you can fill your virtual cart and never have to unload it.

On-line shopper, Janice Ferguson says, "You can just send it wrapped ready to go so it saves time."

Many say that there never seems to be enough time in a day, especially around the holidays, but with on-line shopping things can get done on your own time.

Ferguson says, "Its convenient you can do it at 6 a.m. when you wake up, or you can do it in the middle of the night."

So why do so many people chose to hit the hectic shops, when they can get just as good of a deal without ever leaving the house? Well, many say that while on-line shopping is very popular and convenient, in–store shopping is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.