Travelers Head Home

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For many it was a busy Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family, but now its time to catch a flight back to reality. Yet, before they get back into the swing of things; travelers must first get through the mess of holiday traffic. With a quick glance around Walker Field Airport, things don't look too bad.

Traveler, Scott Dreher says, "We got here like and hour and a half early because we thought it would be busy, but its not too busy right now."

While it probably only takes about five minutes to walk across the entire Walker Field Airport, many say that at the airports they are headed to, things wont be so calm.

Dreher explains, "It'll be a lot different in Ontario. People will be rushing in and out."

This leaves some travelers a little nervous about what's to come once they touch ground at their next destination, especially those with connecting flight.

Dreher says, "We're gonna lay over in Phoenix, so it'll be pretty crazy there. It will take like thirty or forty minutes just to walk across the airport."

Traveler, Marc Hoalgund says, "You need to get there a lot earlier just to get through the parking lot and to the terminal. To get to the terminal and through security, there are long lines."

So, its safe to say that flying out of Grand Junction is the calm before the storm.