Powerful Storm Sweeps Through The Valley

The first snow storm of the season is snarling up traffic and meteorologists say we could see snow flurries in the valley up until Tuesday morning.

Rain turned to snow early Tuesday morning, and strong winds and blowing snow made it hard for drivers to see the roads causing a number of accidents. One of which closed the East Bound lanes of Interstate 70 on the Mesa County Line for nearly two hours.

Because of difficult driving conditions and heavy snow, many schools serving the outlying areas of Mesa County had to revamp their school schedules and let kids out early so buses could pick up kids and get them home safely.

Over at Walker Field Airport it was business as usual for the most part with very few delays. Planes were de–iced and sent on their way.

At the National Weather Service, Meteorologists were hard at work tracking the powerful storm system. Meteorologist Brian Avery says overall in Grand Junction are he's expecting about four to eight inches of snow by Wednesday morning and in mountain locations anywhere from two feet.

The storm is expected to move out by Wednesday, but when it does meteorologists say we can still expect to see winter–like conditions and we'll be lucky to get above freezing the remainder of the week.