Wounded Marine Returns To The Grand Valley

Just 16 days after being shot by a sniper Lance Corporal Daniel Renshaw is back in the Grand Valley--and glad to be here.

Renshaw made the long flight from the east coast with his mother. He was visibly weak but walking on his own as he was greeted at Walker Field by friends, family, and members of the Patriot Riders.

Renshaw was on a routine patrol in the Al Anbar province when a shot rang out and the young winner of the bronze star went to the ground. He says he felt a lot of pain when the bullet felled him and his first thought was that "it sucked."

He says he needed to get up and get to safety so others would not be injured trying to save him. He made it to a nearby vehicle where he was taken care of by a fellow Marine before being taken away by Humvee. It was while recuperating in the hospital that he found that his friend had been killed by an Improvised Explosive Device two days later.

Renshaw went to Fruita Monument and R–5 High Schools before enlisting. He had already had a tour in Afghanistan before going to Iraq. He says it is unlikely he will be able to return to Iraq before he is discharged from active duty, but says he appreciates the support and respect soldiers are given by the American People.