Special Report: Where are Germs Hiding?

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Toilets, shopping carts, keyboard, doors, and more; we tested them all. We talked to several people around town and most say, they think toilets and shopping carts are two of the dirtiest things.

So, we decided to get the dirt on this issue. We swabbed several different surfaces and then brought these plates to the Biology Lab at Mesa State College, here are the results.

Biologist, Gary McCallister says that one the shopping carts we tested he found staphylococcus. He says, "this causes pimples and boils."

Even though hundreds of hands touch public restroom door handles, they were pretty germ free.

McCallister says, "The door handle had strep and staff. Nothing that you don't find everywhere anyways."

Now for the toilet. Most people say they can only imagine what we'd find, but listen up.

McCallister explains, "there is actually just a bunch of staphylococcus, which is skin, ya its from someone's bum but its just skin."

Now, those office keyboards. Everyone touches them and sneezes on them. So what exactly did we find?

"There you go the key board, its got a bunch of stuff growing on it," says McCallister.

Still, there wasn't anything too unusual. McCallister says there is a couple different bacteria here, but it was mostly staph, although he did also find strep.

Now, there is one thing that no one mentioned, yet it is covered. It is something that women, rarely leave home without.

"When you sit down or go somewhere, where do you put it? On the floor? Whats on the floor? Your feet go there, they were unknown places, the gutter, the grass," explains McCallister.

We are talking about purses and backpacks. McCallister says that of all the things we tested, these were the most bacteria covered. He found Ecoli, Staph and a fungus.

You don't need to give up your beloved bags. Instead, just don't put them on the ground and wipe them down occasionally.