Officer's Eye to Detail Leads To The Arrest Of Two

An attentive Grand Junction Police Officer put together a number of clues that lead to the arrest of two suspected burglars.

Last night the officer noticed that side windows and door handles of several cars along the streets of Paradise Hills subdivision were swept free of snow. That caused the officer to get suspicious. He noticed foot prints and followed them to the back of a house and found two individuals there.

The two consented to a search, and a knife was found on one of the men. The officer recognized the knife as an item missing in a robbery. Officers then searched the men's car and found burglary tools and stolen items connected to a number of robberies around the valley.

18–year–old Kyle Patana and a juvenile were placed under arrest. Patana is facing charges of attempted first degree criminal trespass, conspiracy and possession of burglary tools. Charges are pending on his 17–year–old companion.