Police Department Urges Shoppers To Be Cautious During Holidays

Full hands mean greater opportunities for criminals according to the Grand Junction Police Department.

Although it's a bigger problem in large cities, parking lot muggings can happen anywhere... especially during the holidays. Officers say one of the problems seen is that shoppers are sometimes unprepared for crime, but one simple precaution can mean the difference between getting home safely and becoming a statistic.

Officer Brian Gregor says shoppers shouldn't carry so much they can't have a free hand to fish for their car keys. Doing so allows drivers to unlock their car, put away packages quickly, and get into their car before criminals have time to act. He says packages should be locked in the trunk or hidden under blankets so they can't be seen.

Gregor says officers will be keeping an eye out for criminal activity at parking lots around the city, but shoppers need to help out be being aware of what's going on around them too.