Bikers Roll for Christmas Spirit

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The town was rumbling today with the sound of nearly five hundred motorcycles as the 27th annual Harley Toy Run drove off.
Thanks to this morning's ride through town, this Christmas is sure to be a brighter one for thousands of kids around the Grand Valley.

It was a sea of leather and chrome as hundreds of bikes hit the road. Along for the ride was, Old Saint Nick, as he led the crew in with his new and improved mode of transportation..

This year Santa has more helpers than ever before, but instead of wearing green elf hats they are clad in some hard core gear.

"We've got some tough looking people, but they are teddy bears underneath," laughs Lady's of Harley Spokeswoman, P.J. Buescheler.

As each bike rides up with a toy to give to a child who may not otherwise have a Christmas, but many say its not just a toy. By giving a gift, it shows the kids that they are loved and cared for.

After the ride there were thousands of toys piled high. This is
a promising sign that no child will be without a thoughtful gift this Christmas morning.