Teck Cites Amendment 41 In Quitting Senate

State Senator Ron Teck cites the effects of Amendment 41 as one reason he is leaving the senate early.

Teck made the announcement today. He spent two terms in the senate, and was unable to run again because of term limits.

Amendment 41-passed by voters this year-enforces a two–year ban on former state lawmakers from jobs that could require contact with legislators. Teck says it could hurt his immediate job prospects, so he decided to leave before the measure becomes law. Amendment 41 will become effective as soon as the Governor signs the bill, which is expected any day.

Teck says he has had a number of offers from firms around the state but prefers to stay in the Grand Valley. His resignation takes effect on December 15th, about three weeks before Senator–elect Josh Penry will be sworn in as his replacement.