Holiday Decorations Pose Threat To Wildlife

For many decorating your home in Christmas lights is a holiday tradition, but what we find festive can be a serious hazard to wildlife.

Each year wildlife officers are called out to rural areas to help animals that have become caught in wired lights or decorations. But most of these incidents can be prevented by following some simple tips.
here are a few: only string lights on larger diameter trees;
trees with smaller trunk diameters are more likely to be rubbed by bucks which will in turn end up with lights tangled in their antlers.
Use multiple short strands of wire plugged together versus one long strand so that if animals become entangled they'll be less wire to deal with. And place some flagging along the wired decorations so that deer can see where the wire is and avoid it.

If an animal does get caught in you holiday decorations do not approach or try to help it. Call the Division Of Wildlife and let them handle the situation. One of the greatest hazards to an entangled animal can be a well-meaning citizen.