Clifton Elementary Leading The Way In Classroom Technology

Students at Clifton Elementary are the only ones that showed significant academic growth in the recently released School Accountability Report. Teachers are chalking it up to dedication and the aid of new technology.

Gary Conklin's fourth grade class is leading the way in classroom technology. Using what's called a Promethium Interactive Board, Conklin can quiz his kids and within a matter of seconds know how they're doing on any subject.

Here's how it works; questions appear on the board, then students use these egg shaped controllers to type in their answers. After everyone in the class has answered, Conklin can look at each individual kids response and track their achievement.

Conklin use to spend most of his free time grading papers, but now the system does most of the work and he has more time to enjoy life.

There are only a handful of schools in District 51 that have either Smart Boards or Promethium Boards. The reason being they start at around $3,000. But Conklin and his class hope that one day every classroom will benefit from such technology.

Clifton Elementary not only showed significant improvement in the School Accountability Report but also in their CSAP testing.