Man Tries To Use Taxi To Evade Police

A Grand Junction man has been arrested after Police Officers are called to his house, allegedly after he was seen with a gun. 54–year–old Dennis Lee McGown has been arrested in connection with the incident and is facing two counts of prohibited use of a weapon.

Earlier Thursday more than a dozen police cruisers converged on the area of 22nd Street and Ouray Avenue after someone reported seeing a neighbor come outside with a gun. Minutes later another person reported hearing a gunshot. That prompted officers to the area, where they tried to talk McGown out of his home. He reportedly did come outside more than once, but went back inside each time. He also apparently tried to make an escape by calling a taxi to pick him up at his home, but officers stopped the cab.

After about an hour McGown came out of his home unarmed and surrendered peacefully to authorities. No-one was injured during the incident and he's being held at the Mesa County Detention Facility.