Van Gundy Finding His Legs At New Location

Dean Van Gundy says his scrap metal recycling yard is still finding its' feet by moving to a new location to make way for the Riverside Parkway.

After decades in the same location next to the Fifth Street Bridge, Van Gundy became embroiled in a long battle with the City of Grand Junction over moving the business. After months of wrangling, the city paid the Van Gundys 3–point–five million dollars for their land and rezoned nearby property for the business.

But Van Gundy says moving the business has been hard, and a reduction in acreage from six to five acres has made it difficult to keep as much material on hand. He says he is working to make the business more efficient and buying new equipment to help out, but it still could be some time before the company can begin taking cars for scrap as it once did.

He says business lost during the move cost a half–dozen workers their
jobs, but he hopes more workers can be hired soon.