Ready, Set, Ride The Slopes

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Opening day at Powderhorn Ski Resort is finally here. Even though there was only about twenty two inches of snow and just fifty percent of the mountain was open, skiers and snowboarders say they're just happy to be riding. While on the slopes, many take the opportunity to show off what they've got.

"I do some jumps and some tricks," says snowboarder, Henry Adelusimi. As the daredevils are over on the more advanced lifts trying to catch some high flying jumps, those over on the bunny hill beginners say they are more focused on the small things.

"We can't get off the lift very well, it's the hardest part i think," laughs beginner snowboarder, Kyleigh Larson. As far as stunts go, first timers say their best trick is not falling, but no one is safe from the inevitable wobbles and wipe outs. "I went up to one jump and I hit it and I went like six feet up in the air. I was wobbling all around and then I hit it really bad," says Adelusimi.

Still, those who have taken more than a few bumpy rides down the slopes, have some tips for the ones who are just gearing up. Adelusimi says, "I want to tell them not to quit, its frustrating when you start and your gonna hit the ground hard, but don't quit its fun when you know how to do it."