Getting Back Into Society

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A recovering meth user is having trouble making the transition back into society.

Brian Bretton recently completed his rehabilitation at the Department of Community Corrections. He is told he can leave but is having trouble finding a home.

Bretton has been denied at several different places in part because of certain criteria rental agencies require.

Bray and Company Property Management will not rent to anyone who has been a convicted felon in the last ten years. Another issue is the vacancy rate in the rental market. The vacancy rate is 2.8 percent, down from three percent the past quarter.

Bretton said that when some private owners find out that he has a substance abuse charge, they hang the phone up on him, refusing to rent out their property to him.

But part of Bretton's treatment is learning how to cope with these sorts of issues. And although it is a struggle, Bretton said he is optimistic about his situation.

The Department of Community Corrections is working along with the Meth Task Force in finding a solution to ease the search for a place to live for recovered meth addicts.