Season's Greetings... Which Do You Use?

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Many people around the Grand Valley, use different ways to spread the holiday cheer. So, it's the long standing question, do you say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad or something else?

Shopper, Julie Bery says, "I say Merry Christmas cause that's the whole reason is that Christ was born so i say Merry Christmas."

Yet, Mathew Hughes says, "Happy Holidays, it's a summary of all of the seasons cause you have Hanukkah and Christmas, is i guess Happy Holidays is a summary."

These two responses seem to be the most popular. According to a poll we conducted here at 11 News most people would rather hear and say Merry Christmas. Still, some disagree.

With so many different religion-centered holidays around this time of year, companies and stores find it difficult to find a greeting to suit all.

"We don't have a set greeting, its important to connect with each customer and find out what they are in the store shopping for. So if someone says that they are looking for a Christmas present, then we know to say Merry Christmas."

Others try to just stay neutral by saying Happy Holidays, yet many find this offensive, too.

Bery says, "I hate it how stores take Christ out of Christmas, its just wrong, Happy Holidays doesn't mean anything to anybody."

So it seems this discussion may be going around for years to come.