Health Officials: Cut Down on Standing Water, Cut Down on Mosquitoes and West Nile

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It's Mosquito Control Awareness week and health officials say one of the biggest weapon they have in the fight against the insect is you.

The Mesa County Health Department is urging people in Mesa County to clear standing water around your house every three to four days.

They're asking people to clean out gutters, bird baths, wading pools and buckets.

Health officals say you can stop mosquitoes from multiplying and carrying dangerous viruses like West Nile.

"They lay their eggs in or near water and if you've got water features on your property the mosquitos that are biting you could be coming from the property right behind your house," Steve Defeyter, Director of Environmental Health for the Mesa County Health Department told 11 News on Wednesday.

Mosquito Control Awareness Week lasts until Saturday but environmental health officials say you should try to keep areas clear of standing water all summer long.

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