17-Year-Old Causes Rollover In Residential Neighborhood

A 17–year–old caused a rollover accident in a residential neighborhood Wednesday. The accident happened a little after 11a.m. off of 31 Road and Hoisington Avenue.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, three cars carrying Central High School students were traveling in a row going north on 31 Road when the last vehicle in line decided he wanted to pass all of them. Little did he know, the first car was planning a left turn just up the road. The cars clipped each other causing one to roll once. Luckily no one was injured.

According to Trooper Trent Hischke, all of the teens in each of the three cars apparently knew each other and it looks like one might have been trying to showoff.

The 17–year–old driver of the car that was trying to pass the other vehicles was ticketed for reckless driving.