Two Juveniles Face Felony Charges

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The boys allegedly broke into a home and stole a gun, with one of them allegedly having the gun in his possession on school grounds.

District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said that the two boys will be charged with first degree burglary and theft, both felony charges and possession of a hand gun. One of the juveniles faces an additional felony charge for unlawfully carrying a weapon on school grounds.
The juvenile is accused of possessing the gun on a school bus which is considered school property.

Both juveniles remain in custody at the Division of Youth Corrections until their next court date because the judge considered them to be a danger at this time. The district attorney said that although this is a serious case they don't want to over play it because nobody was in imminent danger.

Hautzinger also added that because both don't have enough criminal history, the worst case scenario these two face are up to two years in the Division of Youth Corrections.