Judge Issues Injunction On Two Document Rule

New driver's licenses will not be issued in the state of Colorado. This, after a judge grants a temporary injunction on a new rule requiring applicants to have two pieces of identification. The judge overturned the 'two document' rule in favor of a lawsuit filed by homeless advocates against the Department of Motor Vehicles. The class action lawsuit alleges the 'two document' rule is both illegal and unconstitutional. It requires two forms of ID in order to obtain a Colorado driver's license. The law states a passport must be accompanied by another document, like a marriage license. Although the law was intended to prevent identity theft and fraud as well as stop illegal immigrants from getting licenses and ID cards, opponents say it makes it harder for legal residents to get driver's licenses, specifically the homeless. A spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Revenue says motor vehicle offices will renew existing licenses, but won't hand out new ones until officials can read the judge's order in detail.