Oil Worker Slams Truck Into Guard Rail

A Colorado State Patrol Trooper says an oil worker is lucky to be alive after he slammed into the end of a guard rail on Interstate 70 Friday. The trooper says the man's truck went off the highway at 65 miles an hour, sliding along the guard rail for an estimated 600 feet. The truck came to a bike path that leaves the Interstate and goes around the Beavertail tunnel. That's when he slammed head on into the collapsible end of a collapsible guard rail.

It's not yet known what caused the accident, but a medical problem or fatigue are suspected. One trooper says tired oil–field workers are becoming a bigger problem on local highways because they work long hours for weeks before getting in their vehicles for a long drive home.

The driver was not wearing a seat belt and his head hit the windshield,
but reports are he was conscious and complaining when taken to the hospital.