Homecoming For Wounded Soldier

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Veterans, family and community members gathered at Walker Field Friday evening to welcome home Sergeant Jason Tobin.

For the Tobin family, this is the best Christmas gift they could ever receive. Its been almost 2 ½ years since Sergeant Tobin has seen his family, and during that time he's gone through a lot.

On February 18th, Sargent Tobin was hit by a mortar round less than 30 feet away from a shrapnel. But even after that Sergeant Tobin wanted to continue to serve his country, until he was forced to seek medical attention by commanders. Then after he was order to be medivaced out, Sargent Tobin was hit by a 20 round that nearly killed him. For his courageous service, Sergeant Tobin was honored with Two Purple Hearts.

Sergeant Tobin has been deployed in Iraq since December of 2005, this was his first trip to Grand Junction since his accidents.