'Tis The Season For Shoplifting

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The Christmas season means not only lots of business for the merchants at Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, but also the need to be extra alert with customers.

The increase in shoppers at Mesa Mall this holiday season has store merchants on the look out. The Grand Junction Police Department said that although shoplifting hasn't spiked at the mall compared to other years- it has increased this past month because of shopping activity.

That is why the police give merchants tips on how to protect themselves. Some tips include don't get distracted away from a group of people and to be weary of large empty bags.

For the merchants, they say being nice is the number one way to deter a potential shoplifter. Maurice's Sales Associate, Siera Smith, said that customer service is a way to let them know you are there and watching. And team work among associates is another way to go.

Shoplifting hurts not only the merchants, but it also costs the customers money. So to keep the five finger discounting to a minimum the police urge shoppers to report anything suspicious.

The Mesa Mall Police Substation is planning to add more staff to the crime prevention unit in an effort to educate mall merchants on the importance of good security.