Grand Junction Post Office Ready For "Black Monday"

It's peak mailing day for the US Postal Service, with 900 million pieces of mail expected to drop into the system on this one day alone.

The Postal Service will handle more than 20 Billion cards, letters and packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the busiest day being Monday. Those who work at post office's call it "Black Monday".

The Grand Junction Postal Annex is gearing up for a very big day, more than 45 employees will work well into the early morning sorting mail and getting it ready to ship to Denver. The office will see four to five times more business than any other day alone.

Thanks to technology which can sort letters at a rate of nine pieces per second getting the mail out to it's final destination shouldn't be a problem. However, when you're processing the entire western slope's mail there's always some room for error. But according to Mail Processing Manager Philip Hice, the mistakes they see are minuscule when you think about how much mail they're handling.

The Postal Service will deliver more than 10.5 Million pounds of mail to military installations around the world including war zones.