Snow Over Ice Creates Driving Hazards; Accident Alert Remains

Law enforcement in the Grand Valley declared an accident alert Tuesday morning after dozens of accidents were reported due to snow. Grand Junction Fire Department firefighters say icy roads from an overnight rain were masked by snow--at times heavy-- that took many drivers by surprise.

At one point rush-hour traffic coming into Grand Junction was at a standstill at the Fifth Street bridge due to cars unable to make the grade at the bridge. Traffic was reported to be backed up on Highway 50 to 29 Road at one point.

The Redlands have also been a trouble spot this morning as cars had difficulty negotiating the hilly roads in that area. 30 Road in Fruitvale was also closed for a brief period due to a car accident involving power lines, and numerous other accidents have also been reported, though most crashes have resulted in few to minor injuries.

Due to the weather area law enforcement declared an accident alert, meaning drivers involved in accidents not involving injury or serious property damage should not call for assistance, but report their accidents to appropriate authorities within 48 hours.

Authorities also caution that roads are expected to remain hazardous through the day and into the night as temperatures drop to near or below-freezing levels.