Christmas Wishes Granted

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Hundreds lined up early Wednesday morning waiting for their chance to make Christmas dreams come true.

Thanks to donations from all around the Grand Valley, toys are piled high at the toys for tots warehouse. As nearly two thousand parents are expected to stop by in search of gifts for their children. Parents got the chance to browse the tables all around the warehouse and pick up two toys per child and two stocking stuffers, as well.

One mother says she knows first hand just how lucky she is to have the opportunity to give her kids the excitement of Christmas.

"Just to be able to give my kids a Christmas and know that they can experience Christmas just like every other kids gets to, its huge to me," says shopper, Danielle Nordeen.

Nordeen says she knows the importance of both giving and receiving, as just a couple of years ago she was one who was donating to those families in need.

Nordeen says, "to know what I've done has been good for others and I helped out one kid. That maybe wouldn't of gotten a toy and now that person is helping my kid so it just feels great."

As the circle of giving and receiving is started, Nordeen leaves knowing that one day soon she will finish off the path by once again giving to those who would otherwise go without.

The Toys for Tots warehouse will be running through Friday or Saturday, depending on the need. If you need help with getting toys for your kids, sign up for the program at the Social Services Department as soon as possible.