Front Range Blizzard Cripples Grand Valley

As a winter storm continues to pound the front range it's creating a snowball affect in the Grand Valley.

The state of emergency in the metro area has state offices closed. Here in the Grand Valley the Department of Motor Vehicles did not open it's doors Thursday. Without front range offices up and running it was impossible to access computers needed to process applications.

Dangerous driving conditions hampered daily deliveries to many local grocery stores. Denver offices were closed for comment but area managers say they won't know the real effects of the blizzard for a couple more days.

US Post Offices in the eastern half of Colorado were closed Thursday. Mail coming to Grand Junction from Denver probably won't be delivered until late Friday afternoon.

Things were a lot calmer here at Walker Field Airport Thursday as Denver International Airport officials announced they would probably be closed until noon Friday.

With one of the countries busiest airports closed many hotels along Horizon Drive found themselves at capacity. While this holiday storm continues to give much of the state a beating, meteorologists say things are looking good in the Grand Valley with only a 20 % chance of snow Friday.