Last Minute Shopping At Mesa Mall

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Many people are out on Christmas Eve, taking advantage of the last opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones.

It was raining men at the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction, and that's because most waited until the last minute. And when they woke up. several had anxious thoughts on their minds- most just hoping the mall would be open. Thankfully for the men, the mall and most other retail outlets are open on Christmas Eve.

Once the men arrive at the mall, they face the problem of what to buy, but jewelry is often considered a safe bet. Although the men may not want to admit it, purchasing the bling can be fun.

And while waiting till the last minute may not get your loved one exactly what they want, what you do find may come at a bargain as many retailers slashed prices in an effort to lure shoppers on this last weekend before Christmas.

And just as busy or even busier than the day before Christmas is the day after. Mesa Mall will open its doors at 9:00 a. m. the day after Christmas for those returns and exchanges.