Company Says "Green" Fluids To Be Used On Mesa

The company planning to explore for natural gas in the watersheds of Palisade and Grand Junction says it will use environmentally–sound fluids in it's drilling, and one mayor says he thinks the company will hold to that standard.

Genesis Oil and Gas says it will use a non–toxic slurry made of environmentally–friendly substances such as citrus oil and organic materials to inject into well sites on the Grand Mesa. The materials are injected into the ground to fracture rock surrounding natural gas deposits.

Traditional fluids for fracing include diesel fuel and kerosene, both known to contaminate water supplies.

Palisade Mayor Douglas Edwards says the Bureau of Land Management has not made the use of environmentally-friendly frac fluids a requirement, but he says it will be a part of the requirements used by the city as part of an agreement with the company to drill in the town watershed.

Edwards says another public meeting with Genesis Oil and Gas has not been set, but he expects the next meeting to be sometime around the end of January, 2007.