Contractor Surprised At Response From National TV Show

A Colorado company profiled in an NBC special on illegal immigration earlier this week has received hundreds of job applications--and it's share of hate mail too.

Glenwood Springs contractor Mark Gould's struggle to fill laborer jobs was the center of the report by NBC's Tom Brokaw. Gould spoke about his frustration at not being able to find Americans to fill the jobs, even though starting pay is 14 dollars an hour. As a result he was hiring men he suspected--but could not prove--were illegal immigrants...

A story in today's Glenwood Springs Post–Independent says Gould has received more than 600 applications for work, but he's also found a number of e–mails on his computer accusing him of justifying smuggling and greed.

Gould says most people bury their heads over the issue and the story highlighted problems many businesses have in hiring in a tight job market.