Commissioner Sees 2006 As "Year We Listened To Residents"

From a new bridge to a novel way of budgeting, Mesa County government saw many advances this year.

This year county commissioners took a more active approach than before in getting residents more involved in county government. Among the new ideas implemented this year was the start of a new building to house non–violent criminal offenders and a new Sheriff's Office street crimes unit to fight the effects of illegal drugs.

Commissioner Janet Rowland says one goal this year was to listen to the people of Mesa County, and from listening sessions across the region they heard, among other things, of the need to bring more services to parts of the county. From those sessions, she says, the Clifton-Fruitvale and Whitewater development plans came to be.

The commissioners also approved on–line filing of county taxes and started "Inside Mesa County" classes so residents could get a better idea of how local government works.

Big public works projects for 2006 included the much-anticipated opening of the 29 Road bridge and the dedication of Long Family Park.

She says next year should bring even more positive changes to Mesa County government with the goal of making it better for everyone.