Investing In The Fight Against Meth

As 2006 draws to a close county and city officials are reflecting on the impact they've made on the fight against meth.

Prevention, treatment and enforcement were the three major areas of focus.

On treatment the county spent roughly $9 Million on a new Community Corrections and Meth Treatment Facility.

The Mesa County Meth Task Force was created to prevent the use of the drug. The task force itself raised $10,000 to $12,000 in grants for prevention efforts and about $50,000 from community members and government entities.

Also this year the city and county decided to each designate more than $200,000 to create a new Street Crimes Unit for 2007.

Money was also spent on hiring a new District Attorney and County Attorney.

According to Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland, outside the cost of the meth treatment facility, close to a $500,000 on new full time employee hires for prosecution and enforcement.

Rowland says she's excited to see what progress they can make in the fight against meth in the year to come.