Successfully Resolve to Get Fit

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From the first treat on Halloween all the way to the last drop of champagne on New Years, the pounds can really add up.

Fitness experts say that on average people gain about eight to twelve pounds during the holidays. This is one of the reasons so many of us choose to get fit at the start of a new year.

"There is no question that the start of the year is a starting point for people in fitness. we see about a fifty percent increase in people coming to the gym in January," says Ultimate Fitness Gym Owner, John Laffey.

The problem is, that by the end of February only the die–hards remain, all others have given up.

So, fitness professionals say that there are three main components to achieving success. First is to always make clear goals.

Personal Trainer, Matt Warren says, "You have to know what you want in order to get what you want, without a goal or a strong purpose chances of success are minimal."

Another important element is nutrition. Experts say that fitness and proper eating go hand in hand.

Warren says, "We find that when you eat clean and workout our clients reach their goals faster then both we and they expect."

Finally, there's accountability. This can mean finding a workout buddy, hiring a personal trainer, or taking group fitness classes.

"There's an old saying, when you talk about it it's a dream but when you schedule it, it becomes real," says Warren.

So if you want to turn your resolution to get fit in 2007 into a reality,
then drop the excuses and the pounds by setting realistic goals, eating healthier, and becoming accountable.