Personal Pooper Scooper for Hire

It's the eve of a new year and if one of your resolutions is to simplify your life, and if you have dogs then you may want to read this.

It's not your typical job, but for Poop – Be – Gone President and C.E.O, Ken Reinhard, the profession is a nice change of pace from the construction field.

Reinhard says, "The pay raises aren't keeping up with inflation, the cost of houses now and everything, so i decided to do something different."

Different it certainly is, but for dog owners it's a blessing.

Reinhard is in the dog waste removal business. Most wouldn't think it, but there's a scientific process that goes into the job.

Reinhard says, "There's disease involved with it, i do sanitize my equipment from yard to yard so i do prevent disease at least from being transferred from animal to animal."

Reinhard's service also comes at a good price. For Reinhard, so far business has been good. Although he says it's not his first career choice.

If you are interested in Reinhard's services you can call 245 – 5205...