Some Foods May Bring Good Luck

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There are the ordinary good luck charms like a horseshoe, a rabbit foot, or a four leaf clover, but what about the lucky donut or cabbage that brings good fortune. These may sound strange, but in many parts of the United States and the world, eating certain foods is a New Year's tradition.

Sara Swedberg says, "A lot of people eat black eyed peas, so do i sometimes."

This is a very popular tradition across parts of United States. The peas are typically cooked with pork, which symbolizes prosperity.

Many cultures believe that eating anything shaped like a ring will bring good luck, because it symbolizes the circle of life going around for another year. So the dutch believe that eating donuts on New Year's Day will bring good fortune.

In Spain its common to eat twelve grapes right as the clock strikes midnight. Collard greens are also looked to for good luck, because they are green, they represents greenbacks. So people eat them in hopes of getting rich in the New Year.

Over in China its thought that by eating spring rolls, which represent gold bars, you will become successful in the coming year.

So there are a lot of different foods to chose from if your looking for some good luck in 2007. Yet, the most popular New Year's good luck charm is one that the entire world shares, as millions of bottles of champagne are popped open every year to start off the New Year.