Chamber Endorses City's Quest for TABOR Override

The Grand Junction Area Chamber of commerce says it supports an override of Grand Junction's TABOR restrictions to pay off the riverside parkway project.

In November Grand Junction City Council approached the Chamber asking them to endorse a tabor override. In essence the measure would authorize the city to keep funding that exceeds the TABOR limitation for the sole purpose of paying off Riverside Parkway Bonds, and only for as long as it takes to achieve that goal.

Before agreeing to campaign for the City's ballot issue the Chamber decided to electronically survey 1100 of its members to see what they thought about the override.

340 members answered the surveys five questions. 70% were familiar with what the city was proposing, and 7% were somewhat or very likely to vote for its passage. When it came to the Chamber's role in such an election, 63% thought the Chamber should support the measure, and 84% thought the organization should be actively involved in educating voters.

In about two weeks City Council will adopt the final wording of the measure and from there the Chamber will take an active role in campaigning for it.