Police Looking For Vehicle In Darrent Williams Shooting

KUSA in Denver is reporting that Denver Police are searching for a white Chevy Tahoe thought to be involved in the shooting death of Denver Broncos starting corner back Darrent Williams Monday morning.

The SUV has Colorado license plates 665-OBS. 9 News is reporting the vehicle is registered to 27-year-old Brian Hicks, who is currently jailed on charges of attempted murder in an unrelated case. In the case against Hicks, the key witness, Lonnie Clark, was gunned down days before she was to testify against Hicks.

Hicks has previously mentioned ties to the Crips’ gang.

Darrent Williams was shot as he left a party in Denver Monday morning after a white SUV pulled alongside the Hummer limousine he was riding in and fired numerous shots into the vehicle. Two other people in the limousine were also injured.

Denver Police have released no motive for the shooting, but it has been reported that Williams may have been involved in an argument earlier in the night.