Representative To Introduce Cancer Drug Bill

Bernie Buescher says it's the biggest advance in fighting cancer in years, and he wants to ensure that every woman in Colorado can get a vaccination against cervical cancer.

The state representative says there is no longer a reason a woman should die of the disease--which he says is nearly always fatal--
when a vaccination is available that will prevent contracting the cancer.

Buescher says he wants Colorado to lead the nation in offering the vaccination. "The bill will have a number of components, he says. "It will make it available through the public health system, and I'm working with the various health plans to make it available to those enrolled in commercial plans." He says he also wants to make it available as a medicaid benefit.

Buescher says publicizing the availability of the vaccine will also be part of the bill, one of five he plans to introduce in the legislature this year.

The vaccine requires three shots over a period of months and costs about 300 dollars.