City Seeks Grant For Watershed Study

With energy development in the works on the Grand Mesa, the City of Grand Junction continues its efforts to protect the watershed.

City council members approved a grant application Wednesday night, so the city can start collecting water quality data before any drilling gets under way within the city's watershed.

The grant will come from the Department of Local Affairs and will be in the amount of $100,000.

The money will go towards a project with a price tag of $137,000 and looks to accomplish a handful of things, including developing a monitoring and response plan in any anticipated development impacts.

However, the main goal of the project will be an assessment of the current quality of the city's watershed.

The grant application will be sent out in the next 60 days and is in accordance to a similar grant the Town of Palisade is seeking.

The findings of the project will be incorporated into the community development plan, being devised by the City of Grand Junction, the Town of Palisade and Genesis Oil and Gas.