Regent Says Future Is Bright For University Of Colorado

Colorado colleges and universities have a bright future, says a University of Colorado Regent, even though a law banning state employees from receiving gifts could have repercussions.

Tillie Bishop was elected a regent last fall. As a Regent he will be responsible for setting policies for the University as well as acting as a liaison between the university and the Governor.

Bishop says it will be a challenge to keep tuition's low while finding funding to expand campus buildings and classes,
but he says a new law banning gifts to state employees could cause potential prize–winning professors to leave the University of Colorado.

He says, "right now the University's biggest share of revenue comes from research, either from the private sector or from the federal government, so our research at the university is extremely crucial to the entire university system."

Award–winning professors bring grants to Colorado colleges and universities worth millions of dollars in research dollars. Many of those grants fund projects resulting in medicines and scientific knowledge that benefit mankind.