Mack Residents Upset With Company's Plans To Expand

Life for the most part is laid back and quiet here in Mack, but one thing that's causing some noise among residents is a mining company's plans to expand.

Mack resident Sioux Robbins is upset about CAM-Colorado LLC's plans to construct two railroad crossings as part of a new 15–mile rail spur which would be used to transport coal from the proposed Red Cliff Mine Project. One of the crossings would be at Mesa County Road M-8 and the other at County 10 Road.

Residents in Mack are worried that the crossings will pose traffic dangers and that it would cross a major thoroughfare. CAM Consultant Kathy Hall says these are valid concerns and they will be addressed by public meetings in the future.

Hall says the company still has a long way to go before any plans come to life. Right now they're working on an Environmental Impact Study and have submitted an application to the Public Utilities Committee for a preliminary hearing. Both are lengthy processes and Hall says there will be time enough to address everyone's concerns. As for residents in Mack they say they will continue to be a part of the process every step of the way.

Some Mesa County entities have petitioned the Colorado Public Utilities commission to be involved in CAM's planning process so they can stay on top of things.