Judge Dismisses Attorney In Attempted Murder Trial

The attempted murder trial of a Palisade man will not begin on Monday as scheduled after Judge Thomas Diester today ruled that Sam Lincoln could find another attorney to defend him in a trial for attempted murder.

Yesterday Diester refused to disqualify attorney Steven Laiche,
but overnight Lincoln talked with his family and attorney Marla Lake-- who is not connected to the trial about a possible conflict of interest because of Laiche's contact with Charles Pruitt, who is also accused of the attempted murder of James Finnigan.

Mesa County Assistant District Attorney Richard Tuttle says, "we became aware of a potential conflict of interest about two months ago, and the closer the trial got the bigger the conflict appeared to us. Ultimately we had to file our own motion to address the conflict situation."

Sam Lincoln and Charles Pruitt are accused of the attempted murder of James Finngan in November of 2005. After several weeks of evading capture Pruitt met with Laiche and gave himself up. Lincoln was captured in Glenwood Springs several days later.

The Judge set a date of January 29th to determine when the attempted murder trial would begin.