Search And Rescue Training

Avalanche Training
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Search and rescue crews converge on the Grand Mesa, Saturday morning, but not because anyone was in danger or need of rescue, instead it was training for such instances.

They hike, ride, dive, and risk their own lives to save those in danger. Search and Rescue members say that one of the toughest parts of the job is the lack of predictability as each situation presents completely different obstacles.

Lieutenant Jim Fogg with the Mesa County Rural Area Program says "You can have a situation that seems simple but it turns out to be complex or you can have a complex situation that turns out to be simple."

So Search and Rescue team members must be prepared and trained for the many problems and obstacles at all times. The team members are training to respond to five different intensive scenarios, including a downed aircraft, a lost snow shoer, an avalanche, a water rescue, and an injured ice climber.

Still, no matter how rugged, cold, or wet the terrain, these men and women are dedicated to saving the lives of others at all costs.