Cut Cable Leads To Power Outage

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A construction accident lead to a power outage for more then 900 Xcel Energy customers.

The outage happened at 11:45 a.m. effecting mostly commercial and industrial business's. A contractor performing some construction work accidentally cut an underground cable. The cut tripped out a feeder which feeds the area between 24 Road and 25 Road and H Road to F Road - this also included half of Mesa Mall.

Also, police had to direct traffic at busy intersections because the traffic signals were out. And several business's had to close during the outage.

Xcel Energy was able to get the power back on to all of it's customers within an hour. Unfortunately, outages like this can happen frequently. Which is why there is the program, Call Before You Dig. The program has locates which come out and mark the underground services. A locate let's a worker know what their dealing with, whether it be a gas, electrical or water line. A simple call 48 hours in advance can save a company thousands in financial or liability loss.

Thankfully, the company that caused the outage Monday, makes it standard practice to call before they start digging - just like they did this time.

The number for the program, Call Before You Dig is the Utility Notification Center of Colorado at 1 - 800 - 922 - 1987.