Healthcare Reform and You

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President Barack Obama is trying to push through a complete reform of the health care system, but what does a public health care option mean for you?

He says he hopes to sign a new bill by the beginning of next year whether you have insurance or not.

The hope of the Obama Administration is to have insurance costs lowered for those who cannot afford it, but not everyone is buying it.

At today's town hall meeting in Ohio, the President says the reform is to get as many people on health insurance as possible, "The plan that I've put forward and what we're seeing in Congress would cover, the estimates are, at least 97–98 percent of Americans."

Obama says the reform will give citizens who can't afford healthcare the chance to pay for it, hoping it will lower the costs of premiums from private insurance companies.

Bakersville, California resident Mike Dunham has paid some high prices for health care even though he has insurance.

He says the President's idea could be extremely helpful in getting his premiums and medication costs lowered, "I think if it's done right, it's a benefit to the country and will save money sure," adding, "If you look at the longevity of people in the U.S. compared to Europe, we're not living any longer."

However, critics say your savings on health care will be evened out by a rise in your taxes because reform could cost up to $1.5 trillion over ten years.

They say the only way to pay for it is an increased payment to Uncle Sam.
The concern echos to Rifle resident Karen Rhoades who says she's worried about what it will do to her insurance.

She says the public option won't really be an "option."

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