Central Library Closed For Week Or More

Bookworms looking to get a good read from the Central Branch of the Mesa County library are out of luck for the next week or more.

Overnight Thursday a cleaning crew heard an explosion and called 9–1–1. A water main broke and caused a transformer to blow, shutting off power and requiring the building to close.

Mesa County Library District Development Director Lois Becker says the library had no choice but to close. "We have no power to protect us with fire protection systems, and we have to have the electricity to do that. We have to have electricity to have our sump pumps going, we have to have power to keep our computers and phone lines going, and with the major outage we had and the transformer blowing, they've actually had to remove the transformer."

No books were damaged in the incident. The closure could be as long as two weeks. During that time patrons will not be fined for overdue books. All other library branches remain open.