State Senator Makes Good On Promise

Senator Josh Penry met Joel Vigil and Greg Kvach while touring Mosaic, a facility that provides services to people with disabilities. When Joel told Penry he would like to see a Bronco's game
Penry made it happen. He sent Joel, Greg and their caretakers over to Denver to catch the big game.

To thank the senator, Joel made him a one-of-a-kind gift. It was a blue fish carved out of wood with the words "Thank you Josh Penry" on it. Because of Joel's disability he had to write the words using a specialized writing tool which he wore on his head. Penry said he will put the gift on his desk at the state capitol so he can always remember his friendship with Joel.

Senator Penry also helped kick off Mosaics new location just off Patterson Road. The new facility will house the non–profits day programs as well as "Shred By Ed" and its Expressions Craft and Gift Store.

The new facility is still in need of an outdoor sign and dry wall to make office spaces. If you'd like to donate your services or supplies please call 245–0519.