Xcel Relighting Process Continues

Although natural gas has been restored after an outage Monday, Xcel energy has gone to phase two of restoring services, relighting pilot lights.

About 200 customers were still without gas service Tuesday morning,
this after a frozen well head on Douglas Pass caused gas lines in the Grand Valley to lose pressure and about 2,000 customers overall all have been affected by the outage.

With crews coming from all over Colorado to assist local Xcel crews in relighting, the process overall has gone rather smoothly.

By around noon Tuesday, all incoming work orders for relighting service had been filled, however, there were pockets of outages reported in other areas, particularly in Grand Junction that are in the tail end of the gas distribution system.

For those still waiting for relights, Xcel is asking for your cooperation.

"If you leave your residence, please leave a phone number of where we can reach you so we can relight your appliances," Fred Eggleston with Xcel Energy said.

If your pilot lights are still out, you can request the relighting service by calling 800-895-2999.

Xcel officials say this incident wasn't due to a gas shortage necessarily.

The well head did cause pressure to drop, but gas was purchased from a secondary supplier, so there was plenty of natural gas to go around.

It was the relighting process that took the longest.