Pear Park Parents Discuss Pedestrian Safety

A 6-year-old student was hit last week while walking home from Pear Park Elementary School, prompting a meeting with parents and school officials to discuss what can be done to protect children walking along a stretch of road that sees fairly heavy traffic.

Since the young girl was struck last week, more than a handful of law enforcement officers have put the clamps on speeders going through the school zone, but they say this will not last forever, hence the three recommendations made Tuesday night.

Pear Park's Principal Cheri Taylor is suggesting walking car pools, where parents would escort groups of children to school.

Parents are also being asked to volunteer at the three north to south crossings along D and 1/2 Rd., to serve as crossing guards and to make motorists more aware of their surroundings.

Grand Junction's city engineer's office is also looking on making an alternative walking route in the south east area of the school, so kids would be able to stay on the side streets and avoid the traffic along D and 1/2 Rd.

Further suggestions are being taken and what District 51 really wants is a coalition of police, school officials, parents and students.
Pear Park Elementary is one of the new schools built under the district's $109M bond project and its principal says talks about improving pedestrian safety have been on-going since the summer before the school was opened.